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Published: Friday, 21st September 2018

We have recently received several complaints of concern from local residents and the utility services with regard to obstruction of drives.

Could all residents please ensure that they park in a considerate manner so as not to cause problems to other road user’s. If properties have a driveway then please ensure your vehicle is parked on it, if you have more than one vehicle please ensure that it is sensitively parked so as not to inconvenience others, do not block driveways or park wholly on pavements. Please ensure you leave sufficient space for a mobility scooter or pushchair to pass freely. Please do not park within 10 metres of a junction.

I appreciate that it is often difficult to find a balance when there is a demand for parking on the highway, particularly in instances such as this where properties were originally built with no forward thought to an expansion in vehicle ownership, however I hope that this can be overcome with some cooperation between neighbours.

If driveways are being obstructed or vehicles parked in such a position as to prevent free passage along the highway, which includes footways or parked too closely to junctions, then this may amount to an obstruction, for which a Fixed Penalty Notice can be issued. Vehicles parked on or close to junctions is a hazard both to other drivers and to pedestrians.

I am hoping that we can work together to achieve a sensible resolution to the parking problems by the community all working together.

~ PCSO Dane Plant