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Superfast Broadband now covers Todwick

Published: Wednesday, 17th August 2016

We are happy to report that Superfast Broadband now covers Todwick. Both cabinets that deliver the service are now live.

Below is a table below of postcodes which the cabinets cover.

S26 1JG S26 1HP S26 1JY S26 1HS
S26 1HZ S26 1HU S26 1JF S26 1HT
S26 1JD S26 1HW S26 1JU S26 1HX
S26 1JL S26 1JA S26 1DL S26 1HY
S26 1HA S26 1JB S26 1HB S26 1JE
S26 1HE S26 1JH S26 1HH S26 1JJ
S26 1HF S26 1JT S26 1HN S26 1JN
S26 1HJ S26 1JW S26 1HQ S26 1JP
S26 1HL S26 1JX S26 1HR S26 1JS

For further information about the project, please visit the Superfast South Yorkshire website

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