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Rotherham Interchange and Car Park - Update

Published: Monday, 12th December 2016

Plans are in place for a multi-million pound refurbishment scheme at Rotherham Interchange car park, together with improvements to the bus station.

Scoping work is underway to determine what the development might look like and to make sure that any proposals compliment the future of the town centre as a whole.

The ongoing repairs to the interchange, following the fire in May, are being co-ordinated with the refurbishment scheme to ensure value for money.

Repair works following the fire

Scaffolding and Barriers

Following the vehicle fire at Rotherham Interchange in May scaffolding was erected to support part of the interchange structure damaged by the fire and to enable the interchange to become operational as soon as practical to minimise immediate disruption.


Since the fire, inspections have been undertaken to determine the full extent of the damage and these are now complete. It has been identified that a number of structural sections of the car park need to be repaired and their replacement/repair is a complex process given their location and the age of the original components. The procurement of services to design the replacement parts has commenced, and Stand A6 will be out of operation until the replacement of these sections can be completed.

Damage to the roof void and electrical cables

In addition to the damage to the car park there was extensive damage to the roof void area and all main electrical cables, as the bus fire was immediately under one of the main cable trays carrying all the electrical cables. Our electrical contractor has been on site for number of months stripping out and identifying all the necessary cables for replacement. New cable trays and fuse boards are almost complete for the new power connections to start to be fed from the main power distribution.

This has had an impact on a number of electronic systems including the Passenger Information Display (PID) screens and some of the information kiosks, which will remain out of action until the electrical work is completed.

There are two Information Kiosks at Rotherham Interchange, one near Stand A8 which is out of action until the electrical work is completed. However, the kiosk at the side of the Customer Service Desk is working correctly as are the cash and card kiosks where customers purchase travel tickets.

The Help Points located around the Interchange are also out of action until the electrical work is completed.

Priorities before Christmas

I can assure you that SYPTE have been working hard behind the scenes to get the interchange up and running again with our priority being:

  • the replacement of the temporary lighting with permanent lighting
  • making the automatic doors an all stands fully operational
  • repair of the other passenger lift

It is anticipated that the replacement/standard lighting will bring the lighting levels up to the previous level, and repairs to the passenger lift will be installed before Christmas.

Help is on hand

The Customer Service Desk, located centrally, opposite Stand B5 or at the side of Stand A6, is open Monday to Saturday 07.00 hrs until 23.00 hrs and Sunday 09.00 hrs until 17.00 hrs should any customers require any help or assistance.